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Iran | Rouhani: Islamic Iran should get ready to enter new century

Iran's President Hasan Rouhani said on Tuesday that Iran should be vigorously ready to enter the new upcoming century.

Speaking at the meeting with the governors-general all across Iran, Rouhani emphasized "In expressing our achievements, we do not intend to exaggerate. To say one thing too much, we must express everything that is true, and so that people can touch reality, and the spirit of hope must be created to enter the new century."

Rouhani added "In 2018, the enemies wanted to break this nation and they thought that they would impose all-out and unexpected sanctions against Iran in that year but this nation has stood with greatness and resistance, and has shown its dignity and strength."

Rouhani described the resilience of the Iranian people as unique and added "In the case of Corona, some of the leaders of the countries we are in contact with us said that they are surprised that Iran, despite facing full sanctions, how better than most countries in the world has dealt with Corona and managed it."

He continued "In the face of Corona, all the ministers and governors, especially the health advocates and the armed forces and the people, all came to the battlefield through distancing, smart distancing, and smart reopening. The world was watching Iran's performance."

The President pointed to the good management of Corona in the country and added: "The whole world is looking at how the Islamic Republic operates during the Corona era."

Rouhani noted the inability of other countries to manage the disease and its high casualties in developed countries, adding: "This is something that is comparable; when it's an incident that only happened here, it's not very comparable, but the Corona is comparable because It has been developed almost the whole world and all the countries have been affected in some way."

"This great nation has been able to stand up to Corona outbreak, and great work has been done in this area," he said.