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Yemen | Comprehensive Condemnation of Saudi-Led Coalition Targeting of a Wedding Ceremony in Al Jawf

The polotical community in Yemen strongly condemned the Saudi-Led Coalition’s targeting of a wedding ceremony in Al Jawf Governorate, northeastern Yemen, which resulted in the death and injury of more than 30 civilians, including women and children.

Hassan Hamran, a leader in Ansarullah Movement, said in a statement to Unews "The crime came in light of the continuing international complicity and silence on the crimes of the aggression against civilians in Yemen, which is a cover for legitimizing humanitarian violations in several countries in the world, including Yemen."

For his part, Minister of Fisheries of the and Salvation Government, Muhammad Al-Zubayri said, "Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and everyone who went to normalize relations with Israel stand with the aggression against Yemen."

He also noted that "throughout history, civilians are not bombed, but camps are bombed, but these people want more bloodshed."

As for the Head of the Yemeni Anti-Coalition Party Bloc, Abd al-Malik al-Hajri, he explained that “the continuation of crimes, the latest of which is targeting a wedding in Al Jawf, is evidence of the Saudi regime’s floundering and bankruptcy.

Al-Hajri stressed that "the continuation of these crimes will only strengthen the Yemeni people's insistence on continuing to stand up and confront aggression and support the fronts with more men and money, especially as the victory over Saudi Arabia is around the corner."

The Secretary-General of the Justice and Development Youth Party, Amin Al-Hamini, for his part, confirmed that "this crime is not new to the Saudi regime, which has become used to target women and safe children in their homes for five years."

Al-Hamini explained that "the United Nations committed a grave mistake when it removed the coalition from the list of shame or the black list of violators of childhood rights.

He pointed out that "Saudi Arabia, with its money, bought the United Nations," stressing that the Yemenis have realized the enemy's greed and hatred and that they do not bet on the United Nations or others to stop this the crime."

Lotf Al-Jarmouzi, a member of the Shura Council, said "The crime of aggression in Al Jawf indicates the brutality of the Saudi regime, and confirms that the Saudi regime is suffering from the recent missile attacks," stressing that the attacks will continue on Saudi Arabia until stopping the aggression and lifting the siege on the Yemeni people.

For his part, member of the Shura Council Sheikh Saleh Baynoun, told Unews "The American-Saudi enemy continues to kill children, women and civilians in Yemen and target unarmed innocent people without guilt."

"This crime adds to the criminal credit of Saudi Arabia," he said condemning the international silence on these crimes.

The Saudi-Led Coalition had targeted, with several raids, a wedding ceremony for civilians in the village of Al-Masafa in Al-Hazm District in Al Jawf Governorate on the afternoon of Wednesday 15th of July 2020, killing and wounding more than 30 civilians, most of them women and children.