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Iran | Rouhani Calls for an Immediate End to Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict

Iranian President called on Armenia and Azerbaijan to immediately halt fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh.

Referring to the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan and the need to ensure security in the region, President Hasan Rouhani said, "Fire, war, and blood is not a solution. We are very sorry about this conflict. We cannot accept that artillery and mortar shells hit our borders. Nor can we allow the shadow of terrorism to be seen in the region again under the pretext of this conflict. The terrorism that martyred Lieutenant General Soleimani defeated in the region."

Rouhani added that this conflict should not be turning into a regional war. We must be careful that those who pour gasoline on the fire of this conflict here and there are not acting in favor of anyone.

War is not the way to solve the problem. Political and peaceful ways can be pursued to restore stability to the region, he affirmed.