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Occupied Palestine | A Popular Strike and Confrontations in Bethlehem to Protest Pines' Visit to the Region

A popular strike took place in the Bethlehem area at the invitation of the Palestinian national forces, in protest against the visit of U.S. Vice President Michael Pines to the Israeli entity and recognition of Jerusalem as the eternal capital of the occupation.

The northern entrance of Bethlehem witnessed clashes between a number of Palestinian young men and Israeli soldiers who fired rubber bullets and tear gas at the protesters. Two young men were arrested during the confrontations in an ambush by Israeli soldiers near Al-Azza camp.

One of the masked Palestinians who took part in these confrontations told U-News that the U.S. visit to the region would not be welcomed.
He stressed that Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Palestine, adding that the only weapon they have is stone and confrontation with the occupation will continue until it disappears.

In addition, one of the resistance activists in Bethlehem, Abu Muhammad, said that all the cities of Palestine will not accept the visit of the U.S. Vice President, pointing that the U.S. administration is the partner of the occupation in the Judaization of the land, and called on the Arab peoples to stand with the Palestinian people.

- A number of Palestinian young men blocking the roads in Bethlehem
- A meeting with one of the masked young men
- Side of the clashes between the Palestinians and the Israeli occupation forces
- Meeting with a resistance activist

- One of the young men participating in the strike
- One of the resistance activists Abu Muhammad