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Lebanon | Global Campaign to Return to Palestine: To Push the Palestinian Cause into Confrontation

Founding member of the Global Campaign to Return to Palestine Haider Dikmak commended the Palestinian resistance against the occupation and the great effort of civil society and civil organizations around the world, saying that all this has pushed the cause into confrontation to become a symbol of humanity in the present time.

"The Global Campaign has been inspired by its programs, goals and spirit in the the struggle of the Palestinian people, the campaign has expanded networks and expanded partnerships with anti-occupation and anti-Palestinian forces. And internationally through the establishment of events continuously in different countries and in different creative frameworks and in different environments." He said Rabbi on Monday, in the Lebanese capital Beirut, in the second day of the Fourth Global Convention of Solidarity with Palestine, entitled “Jerusalem is the Capital of Palestine,” which is organized by the Global Campaign to Return to Palestine .

Dikmak pointed that the campaign has worked to uncover the Israeli crimes and massacres against the Palestinian people, to continue with Israeli settlement and to document crimes against Palestine and the people, calling on the international institutions to condemn this.

"The campaign has established the Palestine Library to document all the crimes and the stations of the Palestinian cause, and to enable civil society organizations to provide all the knowledge they need about the cause."

Dikmak added that they have cooperated with the Eastern Christian communities to activate the communication between the Eastern and Western Churches to support the cause and to confront destruction and chaos affecting the Arab and Islamic world, which serves the occupation entity to end the Palestinian cause.

"Working on programs and events to confirm Palestine as the compass and organize programs for young people around to confirm that Palestine is a national liberation issue. Supporting the civil action organizations in Palestine facing the practices of the occupation and supporting the Palestinian specialized networks, in addition to other projects in cooperation with partners around the world."

- Side of the statement of Founding member of the Global Campaign to Return to Palestine Haider Dikmak

Founding member of the Global Campaign to Return to Palestine Haider Dikmak